Self-love and Wealth Coaching Services

Self-love and Wealth Coaching Services

Self-love and Wealth Coaching Services Self-love and Wealth Coaching Services

Our mission

Intuitive Living Path's mission is to empower and guide people to live an inspired, intuitive, happy life. It is through the re-connection to our spiritual side, that this is possible. Our spiritual side is as important as our physical side, and our mental side, yet, it does not always receive the attention and the love necessary. At Intuitive Living, we truly believe that incorporating this part of us can be the answer to many, if not all, the answers we are seeking. 

What We Do

 At Intuitive Living Path, we show people who yearn for a deeper life, how to consciously connect with their spiritual side, so that they feel their happiness and create their life, from the inside out, not the other way around.  

Can you relate to these questions?


Are you tired of struggle, furthermore, struggle with yourself?!

Are you done "having" to control EVERYTHING?! Even what is not under your control......

Are you tired of not being yourself?

Do you feel bitter, angry or down right raged?!

Are you done being pushed around by the circumstances just because "you need to survive" meaning, you "need" to do things you don't want to do?

Do you wonder what happened with that happy/brave/confident Self?

​Have you felt disappointed or even betrayed by the promise or the unspoken promise that if you are a good person  all you want will come to you and it didn't?

Have you felt like your deserving level, your worth, is defined by someone else not you? So you really never know where you stand.....

Have you been told that if you put up with hard work, sacrifice, drama, overwhelm, the payoff will be abundance, love, or whatever you want but it hasn't been your experience?

Have you experienced the pattern of always striving and never arriving?

Do you feel like life/your family/the world is unfair?

Have you felt that there has to be more to life than what is showing up?

Is there a part of you that know life is meant to be fun and easier?

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If you replied yes to any or all of the questions, we know exactly what you mean.

Let's chat. Book a clarity session to find out more.

How We Work



What are you looking for? Please refer to our 3 types of loving support we provide:

ILP Emotional Life          ILP Emotional Money          ILP EMO Entrepreneur

All sessions can be done via video-conference (Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.) or in person.

Services are provided in English or in Spanish.




"I have had the greatest opportunity to have Genoveva help me throughout my journey of starting my business.

I would have never considered starting a business of my own due to fears and insecurities. Genoveva started helping me with this by patiently listening to me and inviting me to consider being open to opportunities that may come to my life. In addition, she helped me with working on my self-worth and confidence. Basically, her emphasis was on that everyone is capable to do things and accomplish goals if broken down into smaller steps.

Throughout this journey, Genoveva highlighted the importance of being connected to one’s inner self and to God (or the divinity a person may believe in).

As the birth of my business came closer and closer, Genoveva’s help became even more crucial as there were many, many times when I would feel afraid, confused, desperate, faithless, and disillusioned. Genoveva would attentively listen and ask the necessary questions in her attempt to “dig in”. This would allow me uncover several things that were hiding in me so I could deal with them. Many times, I was quite surprised to discover how the way I was feeling had a connection to my past. Being able to realize the origin of this feeling/frame of mind/thought was extremely helpful as it allowed me to more efficiently resolve it. Basically, Genoveva was assisting me in bringing something from the unconscious to the conscious level.

Genoveva suggested several techniques for me to try to resolve personal issues. Examples of these are meditation, creation of scripts and mantras, changing some of the vocabulary used to promote change, visualizing goals, being more aware of my thoughts and actions, using emotional freedom technique, and connecting with my intuition.

I highly recommend Genoveva to help anyone who is willing to make significant changes in their life. Her passion for life coaching is evident in her sessions and work. She attentively listens, politely inquires, and respectfully makes suggestions and observations.

I truly believe that I would have not been able to accomplish all I did if Genoveva would not have been there helping me. She has been fundamental and vital to my personal growth as I move towards living in a much more intuitively manner."

Leonardo Faundez


"I appreciate, love and respect myself more today and the choices I will make more than I have pre-Life coaching, with Genoveva.  I could not say this confidently though if it were with someone else.

Life coaching has help me engage my life through positive approaches and help me achieve my goals, confront my emotions and reminded me to trust my intuition.  I feel empowered by the person I can be."

Donna Ng


"I feel privileged to have been coached by Genoveva Vazquez many times during the past 4.5 years. Her calm, relaxed presence, her intuitive sense of the work, her lively sense of humour and her lovely balance of challenge and support have been hugely important to me in helping me to face challenges in both my business and personal affairs. I feel safe to share difficult issues with her, knowing I will be met with warmth, acceptance and understanding, while also offered practical and hopeful support. Genoveva is a gifted practitioner and I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Jude Fay

"The support I received during my sessions with Genoveva really helped me when I was going through some difficult times last year. The different techniques she showed me always helped me feel calmer.

I remember one of our sessions really well. I had been having difficulties sleeping at night for a few days and after one of our sessions in which I felt like many emotions came out, some of which I didn’t even realize were there, I was able to have a great sleep that night.

Until now, I sometimes still use some of the techniques she showed me."

Gabriela Zapata


I had a few sessions with Genoveva. Couple of the sessions meant to help me with specific situations I encounter in my life. Both issues I had were very stressful and were taking a toll on my well being. The sessions with Genoveva brought in light my deep rooted believes which did not serve me well. I gain a very different perspective on my situations and I am able to deal with the situation differently in a more calm way. As much as I appreciated my newly learned skill there was another event coming in my life, my wedding, and I had a privilege to have yet another session with Genoveva. The purpose of the session was to calm any of the possible jitters that may present themselves on the big day. Well, my wedding day was absolutely perfect. I felt nothing else but happiness, everything seemed so flawless and easy. What I realized at a much later time there were two small mishaps that happened and I know they would stress me out causing unnecessary tension. I just want to say that the new perspective on life gained from the sessions and the use of techniques Genoveva teaches I find invaluable.

Bozena G.

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Who Is Intuitive Living Path?


Genoveva Vazquez, self-love and wealth coach.


I was born into a big family in Mexico City. It was a crazy, fun, loving family. I grew up wanting to be an accountant, just because my dad was an accountant. I considered psychology but the excessive amount of books to read, took away my enthusiasm for the field. Then, I considered a career in tourism, based on my love to travel but, as many minds in Latin America think, I thought: that is not going to make me a living (which I now know is not true). So, I stayed with accounting.

I knew at an early stage I was not in love with the field. I still made the best of it with what I had.

Later on, I moved to Toronto, Canada. I was going to study there for 8 months but, I fell in love with Toronto and decided to make it my new home.

In Toronto I had to pick up my accounting career from where I left it in Mexico and continue to move on. I got an accounting certification (CPA, CGA for those that know the field) and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Schooling required a lot of effort and time from me, even though it was a part time endeavor. So basically, I had no life because I was working full time and studying part time. There was little time left for my personal life and that was a struggle for me. A big struggle for me since I’ve always valued my personal life. This is when I started reconsidering my professional life ….. again ….

I completed my accounting designation, and it was a huge relief. However, continuing with corporate life felt so dry, so not for me, that I just went back to the feelings I had since I was in Mexico. 

I remember one time at work, at the end of 2011, we were wrapping up before going on our Christmas holidays but my work schedule was not finished so I was not allowed to go home yet (I point this out just because it was when I had my aha moment). I remember feeling so powerless, so without freedom, that I wondered “Is there more to life than what is showing up? If this is it, I want out”.

That was the moment everything changed…. Without me quite knowing it, at least not consciously….

In January 2012, I found out about life coaching. I had no idea what it was yet, I felt drawn to it. Almost every day at lunch, I would eat at my desk, and search what life coaching was and then, it happened, I found a course to become a certified life coach. I did it. I am a certified life coach.

In February 2012, I resigned my full time job to concentrate on my accounting designation. At that time, life coaching was just a hobby and not my priority. As I got closer and closer to completing my schooling, I realized how much I loved life coaching and how much it was helping ME!

At the end, I made the decision to continue on my path as an entrepreneur being a life coach.

I got certified as a life coach. I got certified as an Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT practitioner, also known as tapping. I became a Tapping into Wealth (TIW) coach. I have taken over 40 courses of all lengths and costs. They all have had a major contribution in me, and in my ability as a life coach.

However, there was still a part of me that was looking for answers in questions I didn’t, myself, know I had. Those questions were answered by the teachings of Abraham Hicks. This was the cherry on top. I was able to understand a lot of my life story, my conclusions, my misunderstandings, and most of all, got to connect and allow the Spiritual side we all have but may not be aware of. My life has changed since, and continues to get better and better each day.  

Intuitive Living Path


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